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Mega Power Star Ramcharan is rocking the Telugu film industry continuing the saga of Mega family. He is all set to take the image of his father miles ahead. But, here does not stop the Mega family business as Naga Babu’s son varun tej is known to be planning for a mega entry very soon.
Sources from with in the industry say that after undergoing a rigorous training for nearly 1 year in dances, fights and acting; he is all waiting to jump into the battle to prove his stamina. As Naga Babu is known to be hearing the scripts for his son’s debut, one can easily wait for a new star to shine brightly from Mega family.
With Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun and Ramcharan already in the industry enhancing their family image, so what could be the best title for varun tej? Well it could be Mega Mega Power Star.

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